Frequently ask questions

 About the NPF Yantar site - why the site was created?
1. Is the site commercial?

Yes. Site is a commercial product, but the materials located on the site put on public display. Anyone can read the articles, join in the discussion forum, we welcome all visitors who are interested in the area of air ionization, while they do not have to be our customers.

2. For what this site is created?

We offer a modern design, useful for home, office, such as automatic garden watering system, with temperature control and soil moisture, as well as complete control and management over the Internet. As modern security systems, smart house, machine control units, CNC, which will be able to sort out any novice user.

 Questions related to the purchase and delivery of devices
3. What is the warranty on devices and how it is being done?

The warranty for our devices is 1 year. You send us the device, we make repairs, and send it back to you. Sending in our direction is carried out at your expense, sending back to you - for ours.

4. Can I pay with a card?

Yes, you can pay for ionizers with a plastic cards VISA, MasterCard. If this card is designed to pay only through an electronic terminal (eg Visa Electron, Cirrus Maestro), then the payment via the Internet can not be performed. Sending parcels paid for in this way will be made by mail, no matter where you are. If you want the parcel delivered to you by courier, this payment method will not work.

5. I have problems with placing an order online

Checkout is simple enough, it is done in the same way as in most other online stores. However, a detailed description how to do this.

Go to the catalog.

Select the product that you interesut, and click on the "Details" below the selected item to view a more detailed description. On the product page on the right side indicate the number (enter the desired number or click on the "+" and "-") and a variant of the device, and then click "Add to cart". If you choose this is finished, click the "Checkout", otherwise "Continue Shopping" and go back to the catalog. Ordering in your browser window right click on "Shopping", open any of your devices. You can change the number of the selected item, or delete unnecessary. To order, click "Checkout".

Further, if you are already registered on our website, you need to enter your e-mail address and password in the form "Already registered?". If you have not registered on our site, enter your e-mail address in the form labeled "Create Account", click on "Create Account" and enter your details (name, password). For legal entities, fill in all fields "COMPANY INFORMATION (For legal. Of persons)."

Click "Register" button.

Next, you will need to enter your address to which you want to deliver the order, choose the form of delivery and form of payment

6. How long to wait for an order?

Average, the premise is 10-15 days, depending on the region where you live. Upon receipt of a parcel in the post office will bring you post a notice, then be able to pick it up. Pay while nobody wants. So you yourself can track the location of the parcel by mail id, we give you after we send the parcel.

7. What are the terms of devices shipment?

After payment you need to tell us the number of the payment order, if you are a legal entity, or send a copy of the receipt by fax (843) 2742376 or e-mail Parcel will be shipped within 1-2 business days, shipping is done every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, sending you will receive an additional notification.

8. Can I order devices, if I live abroad?

Yes, you can. Mail delivery has risen in price, but shipping cost will not exceed 20-30 euros anywhere in the world. The only thing we have to warn you some stress on the network, such as the US and Canada is 120 volts 60 Hz, in this case, the power supply will be different.

9. What happens if device breaks after the warranty period, or the case will not warranty?

Even if your warranty is over, we always repair your appliance, you will need to pay only the cost of completing and mailing costs.
There are also non-warranty cases, such as if someone had dropped device on the floor, and it crashed. In this case, repair will be performed as well, but it does not guarantee.

10. What is the product warranty?

The warranty on all products is 1 year. If something is going to happen with the product, but it happens rarely, we will repair it free of charge throughout the year.

11. What happens if the order is lost?

For all this time our work has never been, there have been delays, but there were always sending. We also point out when sending mail id, you yourself can track the location of each shipment. But in any case, we are fully responsible for the parcel, as long as you do not get it in your hands, and if the parcel is lost, we will send you another one.

12. How much is shipping?

Mail delivery to Russia we have almost free, or rather, delivery is carried out at our expense, upon receipt you pay nothing. Express delivery across Moscow within the Ring Road worth 350 rubles.

13. How the delivery to other cities is done?

Delivery ionizers by mail. If the number of ordered ionizers 3, or more, can be sent for bigger company, we work with several companies (for Russia only). Send ionizer and one can transport company, but even then, at your expense.

 How to choose and use devices?
14. How do I replace the fan alone, power supply etc?

If you have non-warranty case and requires replacement of a node, write to Not all first came to hand parts fit.

 Advertisers, suppliers and other
15. Can I add commercial links to your site, or distribute banners?

No, you can not, at any price.

16. We would like to offer you the supply of components, how to do it?

Nothing needs to be done, in general, then, we have direct supply from the manufacturer. If you are a manufacturer, then send your catalogs and price lists at 22 Daurskaya St., Kazan, Russian Federation, 420087 (NPF "YANTAR" LLC).
Please do not make any offers by e-mail or by phone, they will not be considered in any case.